Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Confusing?" Ha!

In my spring plumage, I'm not just gorgeous, I'm easy for people with their pitiful vision and undiscerning ears to identify. In fall, I get to travel incognito except among reasonably good birders. Well, I did. But now Bill Hilton Jr. has posted a bunch of photos and information to make it easy to recognize us "confusing fall warblers" (as people call us). I think it's interesting the way people have to look at every little feature to tell us apart. We just know who we and everyone else are--individually as well as collectively--with barely a glance, no matter what stage our plumage is in.

Even though we warblers hardly need a refresher course, check out his Fall Warbler I.D. post. He's got some excellent photos of some of my friends.

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Danny Dendroica said...

And no, I'm not giving you an angry look. I'm giving you my serious lecture look. You wouldn't like to see me when I'm mad.