Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why does Bloomberg want to gas us, Mommy?

Listening carefully
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Oh, dear. Please don't let your children read this story:
NEW YORK (WPIX) - Mayor Bloomberg had quite the scare when a bird struck into a jet carrying him and a few other big wigs who were traveling from the Hamptons to Sen. Ted Kennedy's funeral in Boston Saturday, according to a published report.

Unlike the geese that forced US Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson River in January, the bird that collided into Bloomberg's jet did not clog up the engine.

Shortly after an investigation determined that it was in fact a bird strike that caused the airliner to go down, Bloomberg said that the creatures in the sky are a nuisance to airplanes and threw his support behind a plan that would have the birds gassed in an attempt to control the population.

"There is not a lot of cost involved in rounding up a couple thousand geese, and letting them go to sleep with nice dreams," he said.
Hello? They were on Long Island--a major migration route--during the height of fall migration, he doesn't even know what kind of bird his airplane killed, and he's already itching to kill more? And he's in the so-called family values party?


Patty Plover said...

He says "the creatures in the sky are a nuisance to airplanes"? I say airplanes in the sky are a nuisance to US!!!

Poe's Raven said...

And pleasant dreams to you, too, Mr. Bloomberg.