Monday, January 18, 2010

My favorite story

Red-tailed Hawk
Originally uploaded by Laura Erickson
I love this story. But how could I not? One of the main characters is Vanessa Redtail!
The Curious Adventures of Max the Maggot.


dugfresh said...

what a beautiful shot the human took of vanessa! although, she looks a little sad. dunno why...i'd be pretty happy if i looked that good. maybe she was upset by the annoyingly persistent guy trying to take pictures of her while she was simply minding her own business, trying to look for lunch (as detailed here:

anyway, for a bird, or perhaps because you're a bird, you have a great eye for beautiful pictures of birds.

when you blog, do you use the "hunt and peck" method on the keyboard? i've been curious about that...

Vanessa Redtail said...

Hunt and peck? No way! I leave that to the chickadees and other little twerps. Me, I poop on the keyboard. I've mastered the art of what scientists call "Nuanced Pattern Poop." it spatters on each necessary key in sequence.

Tragically, a few years after Max rescued my life, I got hit by a car and was rescued. Now I can't fly, and am stuck in captivity. Some woman named Laura Erickson took the photo when I was out "on display." I don't feel in control of my own destiny, which sucks, but the guy who takes care of me is pretty nice and I'd rather be alive than dead. I think.