Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finally--an understanding commentary about us House Sparrows

Read this for the REAL scoop about us House Sparrows.


Anonymous said...

I'm quite fond of house sparrows. I have a flock of them living in my back yard. Their table, er, feeder manners aren't the best; but they're cheerful and sociable, and their chirping always makes me smile.

If only the people who consider house sparrows to be pests could send their lot over to England, where the species is declining.

Anonymous said...

Why, thank you Maia! I wish all humans were like you. But to be honest, as much as we treasure our rich family histories, we're just as American as most people I could name, and at this late date we just don't want to go back to England. The sparrows there talk with an accent and sound rather snooty, if you ask me.