Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Careful of peanut products

We Blue Jays are among the most intelligent species on this planet, but we still depend on humans to protect us from poisonous food. BirdChick just found out that five varieties of suet sold by Scotts Co. are being recalled over concerns that they might contain peanut meal bought from Lynchburg, Va.-based Peanut Corp. of America’s Blakely, Ga., plant. Peanuts are so yummy that we can't help ourselves, and we don't have a good way of detecting salmonella or, even worse, aflatoxins, in the food we eat. I sure wish the USDA required testing for toxins in order to sell food for wildlife--right now they only care about food sold for humans, pets, and livestock. So please be careful of what you set out for us. Setting out food that can make your guests sick or even kill them is the height of rudeness.

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