Friday, February 6, 2009

TIme to chop up that old monofilament

Hey you humans out there--if you're cleaning out your old tackle box and come across a wad of tangled monofilament, please cut it up into small pieces with a scissors before throwing it out. If it blows out of your tackle box or from a landfill (and whether you think of it or not, that's where your garbage eventually ends up) and ends up stuck to a tree trunk, we can get caught. I was in an awful pickle when it happened to me, but I was lucky--some person unhooked me and cut off the line before it dug into my legs and feet. (Of course, she took this photo of me first, which is both highly embarrassing and seemed pretty rude at the time! At least she was quick about it.)

Monofilament does not break down for centuries--meanwhile, I couldn't have lasted more than a few more hours without being able to move from this small section of tree! C'mon, people! Clean up your messes!

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