Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Come see me in May

Laura Erickson took this photo of me in June, 2007, when she was teaching an Elderhostel birding class at Trees for Tomorrow in northern Wisconsin. Now she has a new camera, so I'm very hopeful that she'll get an even better picture that I can email my mom when she teaches the class this spring, May 24-30. There are still a lot of places open in the Elderhostel if you want to sign up and take pictures of me, too. Of course, it's a birding class, not a photography class, so taking pictures of me is just one little thing. Mostly they go around into totally inappropriate habitat, like wetlands and coniferous forests and open fields and other places I could never, ever make a living, just to oooh and aaaah over Boreal Chickadees and Mourning Warblers and Black Terns. And one night they usually go out and Laura Erickson makes a total fool of herself hooting like a Barred Owl. I mean, talk about stupid! Because virtually every time she does it, one or two real, murdering Barred Owls fly in! What kind of dope intentionally does that??!

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