Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tracking a murderer

Every year during deer hunting season, I visit a couple of hunters up in their deer stands. One of them keeps sunflower seeds in his pocket just for me, and the other one brings me peanuts!! They're very nice human beings.

But some people carrying guns aren't so nice. Someone shot and killed the only female Whooping Crane to have successfully raised a chick to adulthood in Wisconsin in over a hundred years, while she was migrating with her mate through Indiana. Hunters and members of the NRA have been telling me for years that their organizations are opposed to anyone using guns illegally--that guns don't kill Whooping Cranes, people kill them. So please, guys, please help us find the killer and help us prosecute him. Provide money to give a big reward for information leading to his conviction, and testify in court about how terribly wrong it is for anyone to aim a gun at anything before they know what it is. Show that you support throwing the book at the people who give hunting a bad name. Please. Operation Migration and the Eastern Whooping Crane Partnership are operating on a tiny fraction of what the powerful hunting and gun organizations have. Please help us.

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