Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Help me star in a reality show!

Well, maybe not ME. My name is Maggie. I was hatched in 2005 in Duluth, and the first day I tried to fly, well, it wasn't pretty. I got grounded in a parking lot, and some lady with a camera took photos of me and then got me back on the roof. And then I fell again! And someone else found me and got me back on the roof.

Now they've got high tech camera equipment to keep track of the new babies in my parents' nest each year. The people at Hawk Ridge's Peregrine Watch monitor them with borrowed equipment during the official Peregrine Watch period, but would love to know what's going on now. They'd love their own receiver and monitor, and you know something? They really deserve this equipment. But that means they need donations. That smiley lady Julie O'Connor wrote on Peregrine Watch today:
We're trying to raise $1500 to purchase our own monitoring equipment for Peregrine Watch. If you have any leads on funds, donations can be sent to:

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory/Peregrine Watch Equipment Fund
PO Box 3006
Duluth MN 55803
Right now some people have almost as little money as us birds, and we don't want anyone to hurt their own household finances with this. But if people could just send $5 or $10, it would add up quickly--and you'd make those downtown peregrines feel like Mr. and Mrs. George Bailey with everyone in their town helping them out. If you do make a donation, tell 'em Maggie sent you!

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