Sunday, November 16, 2008

Inquiring minds want to know...

...Will Obama be bringing any of Chicago's Hyde Park Monk Parakeets with him to D.C.? Or does Washington already have enough? These hard-working community organizers do a great job at building inexpensive but durable and comfortable apartments and providing equal rights for all adults. And--get this!--they have a ZERO carbon footprint! They're a little squawky, but provide an excellent example of how a diverse group of immigrants can work together for the common good in a spirit of cooperation and generosity of spirit. A role model for our time! This photo was taken, by the way, in Hyde Park.

And hey--last time we had a president from Hyde Park, it was a different Hyde Park! And that guy apparently had to fix up a big mess left for him, too. I'm glad we birds don't get involved in economic issues!

(Posted by George and Martha)

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