Monday, November 24, 2008

Sick and tired of chickadees

Everyone acts like chickadees are the cutest, sweetest, most wonderful creatures on earth. Well, I say Bah, Humbug! Those nasty, irritating nosy Parkers just won't leave a guy in peace. They flit about, snooping into everyone's business, and whenever they spot me, they start cursing up a storm. Yeah--people think those little sounds they make are endearing, but when their "chickadee" is followed by 10 or 20 dee-dee-dees, they start bringing in the bloodthirsty crows and jays. It isn't too bad when I'm on my home turf. If I'm in my own cavity trying to catch some rays and a chickadee spots me, I can just pull in my head and they forget about me. But if I'm migrating through and don't have a cavity to roost in, oh, man it sucks. I try to blend into the scenery and keep my eyes closed since our beautiful golden eyes seem to capture their attention quickly, but it's hard to take a catnap when I have to be ever vigilant. Fortunately, I can see perfectly well with my eyes open just a slit. I wish chickadees were migratory and I could send them off on a permanent vacation.

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