Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CSI:Ithaca part 2--the images!

Avert your eyes if you're squeamish. But if you can watch the entire opening sequences of CSI, you can handle these photos, by Twin Beaks' own Gil Grissom, Dr. Ryan Bakelaar! Here is the poor Magnificent Frigatebird just before the necropsy--prepped and pinned out, drying. (All these images are Copyright 2009 by Ryan Bakelaar)
Now we reach a juncture where some people may want to shut their eyes while others will click on the photos to see them up close and personal. Dr. Bakelaar is examining the lower sternum and proximal femur with possible apicomplexa parasites on the muscle tissue. Gil Grissom, a forensic entomologist, would love this part!
Read Ryan Bakelaar's fascinating post from yesterday's blog to get the whole scoop about this.
Imagine those things growing in your muscles! It's tough being a bird! (All these images are Copyright 2009 by Ryan Bakelaar)

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