Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chimney Swift migration map

If you can believe it, Laura Erickson doesn't have a single photograph of a Chimney Swift! I mean--those are basic backyard birds for her!!!?? So I'm the one who has to tell you about the Chimney Swift migration map. We hummingbirds belong to the same order as swifts--Apodiformes. But as you can see from the photo, we hummers do, in fact, have feet, and so do swifts. You can't believe every scientific name!

Anyway, check out the map. I'll be sad when the Chimney Swifts are done passing over Costa Rica, but they have to nest up your way in order to fly over my neck of the woods each spring and fall.


Pam T said...

I'm glad it's not my imagination. Usually the Chimney Swifts are back in my neck of the woods (Cincinnati, Ohio) the first week of April. It is 4/22/09 and I have yet to see/hear one. It makes me a little nervous. They nest in my chimney & I look forward to that every year. I am the only house on my block that DOES NOT have a cap on the chimney.

Happy birding!

kata said...

Chimney Swifts arrived yesterday to Glenham, NY (4/27/09). The Cornell NestCams project hopes to stream their nesting activity again this year. You'll be able to view them here: http://bit.ly/swifts