Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mike's Back!

Hermit Thrush
Originally uploaded by Laura Erickson
I'm not a photographer--a Canon EOS 50D (just the body, without any lens on it) weighs more than 24 TIMES what I weigh! And even a tiny PowerShot weighs five times what I weigh. And forget spotting scopes! The only camera I could manage would be a James Bond cuff link kind of thing, and even then it would be rather a burden for a 31g. bird to lug about.

But I do love looking at photos, especially of other Hermit Thrushes, and so the only other blog I follow, other than this one, of course, is Mike McDowell's. (And he has a lovely photo of one of my friends on it right now!) He's been having some trouble with some company that "hosts" him or something, so he had to move over to I hope he doesn't lose too many followers!

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redzlan said...

Beautiful bird, nicely captured digitally.