Thursday, March 26, 2009

How are you spending Robert Frost's birthday?

I'll be reading "The Oven Bird," since he died before he finished what would definitely have been his magnum opus, "The Black-throated Green Warbler."


Nancy Ortiz said...

Excuse my ignorance, but where's the green on this beautiful singer? Hep! Thanks in advance (TIA).

George said...

I'm not one for looking in mirrors, and frankly, my sense of color is WAY better than that of you humans, but I can't see any green myself. Word has it that some people with a bigger imagination than mine think my back is "bright green" or "olive" and my auriculars--those feathers behind my eyes--are olive. Me, I don't see it. But my friends all call me George anyway.

Nancy Ortiz said...

Thanks for the hep, George. I wondered if there was a little olive on your back. But, the rest of your resplendent plumage puts it in the shade. And, you have such an intelligent expression. Modest, too. Wonderful to talk to you. TTFN.